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“A very good night for Republicans” A look at the US mid-term vote – BBC News

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BBC's Rajesh Mirchandani uses our virtual reality studio to look at what last night's mid-term election results mean for the US and for the remaining two years of the Obama administration. Check out our website: http...

Tiger Shark vs Go Pro | Mild Shark Attack

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While swimming in the ocean, this diver comes face to face with a tiger shark. The hungry tiger shark decides it wanted a close up and swims up close to the Go-Pro. Original Link:

Hack My Brain | Fri Sep 19 8/7c

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Will your brain remember this promo? You might...if you hack it! | Don't miss HACK MY BRAIN, Friday September 19 at 8/7c on Science Channel!Subscribe to Science Channel! |

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Brickleberry – Steve Williams’s Wholesome Country Songs

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Country singer Steve Williams's greatest hits, including "The Cock Song," "Mountain Men" and more, are now available on one family-friendly album.Watch more Brickleberry:

CNET On Cars – Top 5: Dashboard distractions

11 Views0 Comments Cooley runs down the five most distracting dashboard technologies in your car's head unit.

Shark Tank | Season 6, Episode 5 | Full Episode

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Ep 605 Week 4: Jungle Jumparoo, The Caddy Girls, Red Dress Boutique, Sun-StachesAll-female golf caddy company; a couple with a safer way for kids to bounce.Shark Tank | Season 6, Episode 5 | Full EpisodeShark Tank | ...

High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy

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High Fives: Beaches Be CrazyMusic never stops. Get the Vevo App!é ft. Jay Z - Drunk In Love ft Kesha - Timber ft. Kanye West ...

CNET On Cars – New Hyundai Sonata: The end of apologies? – Ep. 53

26 Views0 Comments 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited, see if your car is on the big airbag recall list and how to Hypermile -- big MPG gains without buying a new car.

A Kickstarter graveyard for the biggest losers, Ep. 183

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Crave's abuzz with crowdfunding projects that no one supported, comet-landing robots, flying sports cars, oddball bicycles and more general weirdness.

Car Tech – 2015 Lexus IS 250

7 Views0 Comments balanced than brawny, the IS 250 is key to Lexus' pursuit of younger buyers.

Best Fails of the Month October 2014 || FailArmy

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The beginning of fall means the best fails are in full swing! Check out all of the best fails of October 2014 in this epic fails compilation!Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ► a...

Highway Crash | Tires Popping Under Pressure

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While trucking along the I-5 Highway in California, this dashcam caught footage of a car losing control and flipping over. The driver of the car walked away with minor scratches. Original Link:

Rogue Firework | Fire In The Hole

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Imagine relaxing on your balcony and enjoying the night life while a rouge firework comes screaming at you. Original Link: for awesome videos every day!: http://bi...

C++ Tutorial for Beginners – 16 | C++ File Handling Tutorial – Part 1

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C++ Tutorial for Beginners - 16 | C++ File Handling Tutorial | C++ File Input Output Tutorial. Topics covered in this tutorial are: File Handling, fstram Class, ifstream Class, ofstream Class, Write and Read Single C...

Cornell President David Skorton takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Cornell President David Skorton takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, along with his wife Robin Davisson and VP Susan Murphy.

Superconducting linear accelerator vessel traverses campus

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On a drizzly September morning, a 32-foot metal canister painted Cornell red was moved from Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory annex to Newman Hall. The vessel will contain a Cornell-developed linear accelerator that can ...

Big Sean – ASK:REPLY

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Big Sean - ASK:REPLYMusic never stops. Get the Vevo App! Sean answers fan questions in this exclusive Vevo ASK:REPLY!

High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy

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High Fives: Beaches Be CrazyMusic never stops. Get the Vevo App!é ft. Jay Z - Drunk In Love ft Kesha - Timber ft. Kanye West ...

“Political Promise” FREE Movie

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Governor Richard Tucker has made several promises that he has no intention of keeping. Crack heads still roam the streets, crime is still as rampant as the roaches, and the governor is only thinking of one thing…hims...

On Ukraine’s front lines

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To some soldiers on the Ukrainian border, the ceasefire with Russia means nothing. Phil Black explains why.

Climate protesters bury heads in sand

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Subscribe to BBC News HERE than 400 people stuck their heads in the sand on Australia's Bondi Beach on Thursday, to protest at the country's stance on climate change. The demonstrators said ...

U.S. traveler detained in Indonesia

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A U.S. traveler is being held in Indonesia after she shared a taxi with a man carrying methamphetamine.

30 for 30: Brothers in Exile – Livan Defects

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Livan made the tough choice to defect, knowing he was leaving his family behind. 30 for 30: Brothers in Exile premieres Tuesday November 4th at 9pm ET on ESPN

Colin’s Cartoons: Damien Woody and the Tuck Rule

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Damien Woody tells the story of the Tuck Rule in the Patriots' playoff game vs the Raiders in 2001.Colin's Football Show airs every Sunday. 9:00am ET. ESPN2.

NHL 15: Bergeron’s Feelings

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Pre-order: Features:'s Song: Sometimes something is so good, it rocks you to your emotional core. Just ask Patrice Bergeron - the man's nev...

TMI Tag!

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Thumbs up if you want more Q&A videos!If you are reading this.. comment below your OTP ;)Thanks for stopping by beautifuls!Ingrid's video!

Hearty Salad Lunches – Lunch Worth Eating

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Eating a salad is a great way to have a healthy lunch, but a not-so-great way to stay full throughout the day. In this episode of Lunch Worth Eating, Lisa Lavery shares tips for making fresh, filling, and satisfying ...

Back to School Supplies Giveaway! | Meredith Foster

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Thank you for being so amazing! :) I love you merebears ❤This giveaway is closed! The winners have been picked and I am shipping out their prizes! Thank you for entering! Lookout for more giveaways soon ;) Rules:Twit...

Swedish Back Massage Therapy Techniques For Back Pain & Relaxation

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Patreon Exclusive Content @ Wish List @ Back Massage Therapy Techniques For Back Pain & Relaxation In this video Jen Hilman discusses...

Brutal Fat Burning Cardio HIIT + Dynamic Total Body Strength Training – FB Blend

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Calorie burn + info + printable workout @ Week Fat Loss Programs & Meal Plans @ up with us on facebook @ Instagram @ G...

Recipe Rehab Season 3 – Episode 5 Preview

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On this week's episode of Recipe Rehab, we meet the Arenas family, who reaches for frozen convenience meals on busy weeknights. One of their favorites? Fettucine Alfredo and garlic bread.

Arctic Bison Mummy!

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SciShow News explains how Wikipedia has been used to track, and even predict, outbreaks of disease all over the world, and then introduces you to the most complete naturally mummified bison ever found.Hosted by: Hank...

How to Keep Elephants and Wolves Out of Your Yard

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Sorry for the re-upload!! YouTube technical difficulties...________________________Created by Henry ReichProduction and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry ReichM...

Supermassive Black Holes Anchor Existence

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Supermassive black holes aren't just spinning at the center of most galaxies--they may actually be creating them. | For more STRIP THE COSMOS, visit