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Tomorrow Daily 083: Net neutrality, bases on the moon, Blizzcon 2014 recap, and more

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On today's show, we're discussing President Obama's stance on Net neutrality, the European Space Agency's moon base concept, a crazy new kind of musical instrument, and Blizzcon 2014.

Tracking Millions of Space Objects Threatening Earth

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Currently, we have identified only a very small percentage of the millions of celestial objects that could potentially collide with Earth. Is there a plan to keep track of all these dangerous projectiles? | For more,...

TechnoBuffalo Reader Meetup in Los Angeles on Nov. 18!

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Are you in the Los Angeles area next week? Want to meet Jon Rettinger and several other TechnoBuffalo staff members? You’re in luck! MORE:, November 18, 201411:30 am – 1 pmKatsuya Sushi R...

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Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate Guide To NFL Week 11

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Matthew Berry drops some NFL fantasy knowledge on Colin's Football Show and gives you the scoop on who he loves and hates in Week 11.

A moving & ecstatic reaction during Rosetta comet landing

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Subscribe to BBC News HERE"It's landed - I've waited years for this", Professor Monica Grady has said, on finding out that the robot probe Philae had landed on a comet. The landing caps a 6.4 bi...

CNET On Cars – Smarter Driver: What you need to know about the exploding airbag recall

25 Views0 Comments Cooley discusses the recent exploding airbag recall and how to find out if your car has one lurking under the dash.

Watch Recipe Rehab Season 3 Episode 8 This Saturday 11/15

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On this week's extra special episode of Recipe Rehab, Chef Richard is answering questions about cooking and healthy eating — all submitted from viewers like you. He will share his best tricks, favorite cooking gadget...

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition Unboxing!

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Amazon has a pretty robust tablet lineup, one that covers the entry level all the way up to a flagship powerhouse. Somewhere in the middle, Amazon has also quietly introduced a perfect tablet for kids, known as the F...

Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases

57 Views0 Comments literally hundreds of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases to choose from, here's a look at some of the top cases currently out there.

New Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

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New Nintendo 3DS UnboxingNintendo 2DS Review: 2DS Unboxing: 3DS XL Unboxing: it first launched in 2011, the Nintendo 3DS was a bit...

Key & Peele – Stan Lee’s Superhero Pitch

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Stan Lee stops by Marvel Comics headquarters to pitch some new characters, but all of his ideas seem to be inspired by his own life.Watch more Key & Peele:

Brickleberry – Steve Williams’s Wholesome Country Songs

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Country singer Steve Williams's greatest hits, including "The Cock Song," "Mountain Men" and more, are now available on one family-friendly album.Watch more Brickleberry:

Motorcross Race Crash | Bunk Bikes

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During a moto-cross race, Matt Hammer got amazing POV footage of one competitor landing on top of another while jumping off a dirt ramp. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Original Link:

C++ Tutorial for Beginners – 13 | Constructor under inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance

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C++ Tutorial for Beginners - 13 | Constructor under inheritance, Under Multiple and Multilevel Inheritance

A Conversation with Bill Gates: Considering the Future of Higher Education

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Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates joined Cornell President David Skorton for a student-centered discussion Oct. 1, 2014 in Bailey Hall. Topics included higher ed access and affordability, student ent...

High Fives: Beaches Be Crazy

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High Fives: Beaches Be CrazyMusic never stops. Get the Vevo App!é ft. Jay Z - Drunk In Love ft Kesha - Timber ft. Kanye West ...

The Wild Feathers – Playing With Paul McCartney (Voodoo 2014)

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The Wild Feathers - Playing With Paul McCartney (Voodoo 2014)Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! roots rock throwback band chat backstage at Voodoo 2014 about playing with Paul McCartne...

Maverick Entertainment After Dark : Rotting And Reanimated

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Maverick Entertainment presents our fifth and final installment of our Friday Double Features! This week we're our Rotting And Reanimated movies! Our host Ashley Marie will be introducing "Army Of The Dead" and "Zomb...

Richard Branson spaceship explosion claims “quite hurtful”

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Virgin Galactic owner Sir Richard Branson has said it was "quite hurtful" for his company's engineers that claims were made about their spacecraft exploding.He blamed "self-proclaimed experts... reeled in by the Sund...

‘Brazil drought linked to Amazon deforestation’

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Subscribe to BBC News HERE's biggest city, Sao Paulo, is experiencing its worst drought in decades.Now, a leading climatologist and earth scientist has told the BBC that there is a direct ...

Inside a new Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone – BBC News

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The first of six British centres for treating people suffering from Ebola is opening in Sierra Leone.Built by the British army, the facility will be jointly run with the charity Save the Children. Clive Myrie looked ...

Madden NFL 15 – Plays of the Week – Round 9

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Check out some of the hottest special teams plays we've seen in this week's Plays of the Week!Think you have a better play? Submit them here: for more Madden NFL videos: http://youtube....

NHL 15: Season Simulation

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The official NHL 15 season simulation for the 2014-15 season. Who do we predict will win the Stanley Cup? Watch to find out…Full Season Sim: Now:

“Mr. O Canada” Gets a Second Chance

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Mark Donnelly, known as "Mr. O Canada," revisits his viral performance of the Canadian national anthem and makes things right with ESPN's Will Reeve.

Make Butter In Your Blender – CHOW Tip

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Gone are the days of churning homemade butter by hand! In this CHOW Tip, Tracy Kaplan of shows you how to easily crank out your own dairy spread without straining your arm. And here's another method for maki...

Don’t Throw Away Your Juice Pulp – CHOW Tip

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There's always a ton of pulp left over after using a juicer, and it seems like a shame to just throw it away. In this CHOW Tip, Suzy Brannon of shows you how to skip the compost bin and use that pulp to make...

Healthy Snacks for Spring/Summer: DIY Shaved Ice, Green Juice, & more!

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Thanks for stopping by beautifuls :)Thumbs up if you enjoyed!~Don't give up. God will give you the strength you need to hold on.~Where to find meTwitter!!

2 Creative Ways to Eat Salad

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Chef Vikki Krinsky puts her fun twist on typical salad preparation.

Flexibility Stretch Exercises Workout for Scorpion & Back Bends For Ballet, Dance & Cheerleading

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Exclusive Content For Supporters Stretch Exercises Workout for Scorpion & Back Bends For Ballet, Dance & CheerleadingIn this video, Donnie shares the basic stretc...

Flexibility Challenge – Back Bend Stretches & Tutorial For Gymnastics & Dance

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Flexibility Challenge - Back Bend Stretches & Tutorial For Gymnastics & Dance Visit Tara Pagan YouTube Channel at; Videos Flexibility Stretch Exercises Wor...

Building a Space Ark | How the Universe Works

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Humans must expand to other planets and that requires building a spacecraft capable of crossing interstellar space. The craft will have to house thousands of people, and it’s too big to be built on Earth. | For more ...

How to Keep Elephants and Wolves Out of Your Yard

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Sorry for the re-upload!! YouTube technical difficulties...________________________Created by Henry ReichProduction and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry ReichM...

Science of Asteroid Entry and Impact | Man vs. the Universe

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The dangers that asteroids pose to Earth isn't just the stuff of disaster movies. The damage caused by asteroids depends on much more than their mere size. Learn about these factors and see a terrifying demonstrati...