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Alessandra Orofino: It’s our city. Let’s fix it

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Too often, people feel checked out of politics — even at the level of their own city. But urban activist Alessandra Orofino thinks that can change, using a mix of tech and old-fashioned human connection. Sharing exam...

Karin Sternberg: Tests of a triangular theory of hate

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Karin Sternberg, research associate in the College of Human Ecology, discusses development of a scale for measuring hate and empirical tests of a theory of hate, August 29, 2014 as part of the Human Development Outre...

The Colbert Report: 11/5/14 in :60 Seconds

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Stephen gets inappropriate with Rep. Barbara Lee, marijuana becomes legal in Washington, D.C., and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand describes "Off the Sidelines."

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Taylor Swift – Super Fan Showdown (#VevoSFS)

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Taylor Swift - Super Fan Showdown (#VevoSFS)Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! Fan Showdown - Vevo’s new show pits two crazy-dedicated fans against each other to see who knows more ...

Top 5 Fruit Ninjas || JukinVideo Top Five

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Think you're the ultimate fruit ninja? Check out these epic fruit ninjas and see!SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: us on FACEBOOK: us on TWITTER: h...

Guided Meditation for Calming Relaxation & Sleep, Breath Exercises

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Exclusive Content @ Meditation for Calming Relaxation & Sleep, Breath Exercises Visit Melissa's website at http://www.sensibletoolbox.comIn this video Melissa LaMunyon gu...

CALE – Should Retired Judges Be Allowed To Practice Law?

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The 404 – 1,582: BitBite, Jeopardy! post-game chat, bubble gum broccoli, Big Bird what? (podcast)

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Read the blog post: fitness tracker. Awesome. This one goes in your ear and listens to you eat. We're serious. We'll also listen to post-game Jeopardy! chat, learn a disturbing fact abou...

CNET How To – Set up Priority mode in Android Lollipop

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Android 5.0 Lollipop reviewed: to know Lollipop's new 'do not disturb' feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Unboxing!

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Samsung knows how to make an entrance. Although the company’s Note 4 will be the talk of the town this holiday season, folks are buzzing about the Note Edge, which comes with a screen that curves likes a David Beckha...

Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation || FailArmy

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Think you have crappy friends? Check out this ultimate bad friends compilation and compare. Subscribe to the channel and let us know your thoughts in the comments.Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ► http://b...

The Colbert Report: Sign Off – Stephen’s Last Election Special

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Stephen shares what he's learned after hosting eight live election shows in 14 years.

Best Fails of the Week 2 November 2014 || FailArmy

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Think you had a fail this week? Check out this week's fails of the week to compare!Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ► a Video ► to get Fail A...

Diane Francis, “Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country”

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The Canada-U.S. Law Institute Distinguished LectureDiane Francis,Editor-at-Large,National Post

Sally Satel: The Seductive Appeal of Popular Neuroscience

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Dr. Sally Satel, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and staff psychiatrist at a methadone clinic in Washington, D.C., talked about the promise and the limits of brain imaging July 2, 2014, as part ...

Autumn Convocation 2014 – Thomas D’Aquino

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Despite its challenges, our world is one of unparalleled promise and opportunity, Thomas D’Aquino, lawyer, entrepreneur and educator, told graduates at the Friday morning session of Western’s 304th Convocation.D’Aqui...

HOT THIS WEEK: Nov. 7, 2014

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HOT THIS WEEK: Nov. 7, 2014Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! 7, 2014. Our weekly wrap-up show covers the biggest premieres and best Vevo originals from this week as well as what's o...

DJ Envy Presents: Follow The Flow ft. B.o.B

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DJ Envy Presents: Follow The FlowMusic never stops. Get the Vevo App! out verses from B.o.B, Jake Lambo, Denzil Porter & Cash Sinatra in this episode of Vevo's new original series...

“Imprisoned By Love” Official Trailer

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Tracie, a devoted wife and mother, lives every day in fear at the hands of her abusive drunk husband Gerald. She does everything in her power to make a lifeless marriage work for the sake of her two loving children J...

New details about Mike Brown shooting

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Newly released dispatch audio and security video shed new light on the Ferguson shooting and officer Darren Wilson.

New video shows Officer Wilson after Brown shooting

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained audio and video of Officer Wilson hours after the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Islamic State: Boy on life as a hostage

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In April 150 students from Kobane were kidnapped by Islamic State militants, while they were on their way home from taking exams in Aleppo. Reshwan was held as hostage for four months until he was released in October...

Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate Guide To NFL Week 10

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Matthew Berry drops some NFL fantasy knowledge on Colin's Football Show and gives you the scoop on who he loves and hates in Week 10.

NHL 15: Hockey Ultimate Team Legends

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Envision Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby playing together in their peak, picking up speed through the neutral zone with Pavel Bure and blowing by helpless defenders, or Patrick Roy strapping on the pads and manning y...

30 for 30: Rand University – Director Statement

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Director Marquis Daisy talks about Randy Moss' turbulent path to the NFL. 30 for 30: Rand University premieres Tuesday November 11th at 8pm ET on ESPN.

Shred Meat in Your Stand Mixer – CHOW Tip

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It's laborious and time-consuming to shred meat by hand for ravioli fillings, pulled pork, or chicken salad. It turns out your stand mixer can make the whole process a breeze. Suzy Brannon of shares this tim...

Tasty Mile-High Meals – Lunch Worth Eating

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When you're traveling, the last thing you want to deal with is airline food. In this week's episode of Lunch Worth Eating, Lisa Lavery shares some simple ideas for making a delicious meal to eat in the air, one that ...

WINE STORES! Lunita wine store by Viarde Studio

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WINE STORES! Lunita wine store by Viarde StudioDiscover more interior design inspirations on http://www.homedesignlove.cominteriordesigndecoratinginterior designinterior decoratingbefore and aftermakeovermakeoversroom...

Butt and Thigh HIIT Cardio Workout to Banish Fat & Boost Energy

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Calorie burn info & printable routine @ daily workout programs & meal plans @ up with us on facebook @ Instagram @

Recipe Rehab Season 3 – Episode 4 Preview

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On this week's episode of Recipe Rehab, we meet the Egber family, whose comfort food recipe has been in the family for generations. The dish may be tasty, but with tons of butter and sugar, fatty sour cream, and a po...

At Home Cardio and Abs Workout – Fat Burning Core and Cardio Intervals

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Calorie burn + info + printable workout @ Week Fat Loss Programs & Meal Plans @ up with us on facebook @ Instagram @ G...

What’s in Those Packets That Say ‘Do Not Eat’? (And Why Shouldn’t I Eat It?)

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Quick Questions explains what’s in those little packets you find in packaged food, bottles of pills, and leather goods, and why you should do what the label says and not eat them.Hosted by: Michael Aranda----------Li...

A Bold Plan to Capture Asteroids

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NASA is in the early stages of testing a plan to capture and redirect asteroids nearly the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that struck Russia. If successful, the captured asteroid will be taken to the moon where astr...

Snowball Earth | How the Universe Works

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Up to 3 times in the past 2.4 billion years, Earth has become a desolate "snowball" with average global temperatures less than -70 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a runaway greenhouse process created by volcanic activity h...